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Top Dog Training provides in-home, personalized training for any dog, any age, any behavior.  We are training and behavioral specialists, providing basic and advanced dog training through positive reinforcement. We work according to your needs – Whether your dog is 5 or 100 pounds, pure or mixed-breed, 10 weeks old or 10 years old, Top Dog Training is there for you and your dog.

Whether you need your puppy trained with basic obedience, or you need service dog training, Top Dog Training is your one-stop shop!  There is nothing more gratifying than helping your dog become all that he/she can be, whether it’s improving their manners or resolving a major behavior issue. 

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We only use positive dog training methods.  That means your dog will always be treated kindly with us.  Happy voices, treats, and repetition are the only ways to train.  We consider punishment and unnecessary devices such as shock collars to be archaic.

We believe in teaching dog owners to impart simple, effective, time-efficient and cruelty-free techniques that work alongside every dog’s natural instincts.  Since Top Dog Training’s methods are generally based on how dogs naturally communicate, your dog will be quick to adapt and learn.

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Top Dog Love

Diamanto TsakanikasDiamanto Tsakanikas
16:39 24 Sep 23
If you are looking for the best dog training, with a positive reinforcement (no punishment) training program, Jay, at Top Dog Training is the best. Jay is an utmost professional, with the warmth of a family friend, and a gentle demeanor that you instantly feel comfortable around. Within minutes our dog was at ease and comfortable around Jay. You can see from the start that he genuinely cared about our concerns, our dog’s well-being, and our family’s relationship with our dog. I was impressed by his thorough interview process and methodical training approach. He took his time to create a bond with our dog and training came about organically. In a couple of weeks, our dog not only was well trained but she had formed a loving bond with Jay, which was touching to see. Our dog’s concerning behaviors, including anxious barking and growling at strangers, resource guarding, and leash pulling, were all addressed. Our dog was calmer, and we were able to walk her without her barking or growling at people who walked by. Jay followed up with us for a couple of weeks to ensure we stayed on top of her new training, which was very helpful. Our experience was a very positive one and we can’t possibly give Jay enough stars. Had we known that we can have this outcome, but with someone who would be kind towards our dog and treat her like his own, we would have done this much sooner. If you want someone who will listen to your concerns, treat you and your dog like family, train your dog with compassion, and obtain positive results, do yourself and your dog a favor, and see Jay. You and your dog will be happier for it!
Nereus MogariaNereus Mogaria
18:21 30 Aug 23
If you are looking for a dog trainer, no need to look any further. Jay is an amazing trainer who worked with our dog Theo (Cavapoo) and got him exactly where we needed him to be. He was very jumpy, pulling the leash on walks and would grab things in the house that didn’t belong to him. We didn’t want this to occur once we had our newborn in the house. We did the 2 week board and training course. It was well worth it. Theo is well trained and behaves well too. Bonus is that Jay came to do two home visits to make sure Theo is still getting the proper home training and adds some additional training guidance to keep him doing well. Jay let us know if we needed him after the training for any additional questions and tips, he is available. I know if I have any dog training questions as Theo continues to grow, Jay is a text message away. Thank you Jay for working with Theo and getting him well trained for our family. We greatly appreciate you!
Francis TepedinoFrancis Tepedino
02:10 22 Aug 23
Jay is a superb trainer who not only gets results, but does so in a kind and understanding manner. Our six month old puppy was nippy, jumpy, and generally difficult to manage. As we would not consider any negative re-enforcement training, we looked at Top Dog as a last resort before potentially trying to re-home her. After a few days working with Jay she seemed to really turn the corner and after the two-week board and train program, literally returned home a different dog. The program includes two at home follow ups and literally an open-ended advice line. Worth every cent.
Melissa ReveloMelissa Revelo
13:16 12 Aug 23
Jay is an amazing trainer! He gave us the tools and techniques to train our pup Macey. She learned so much during the weeks we trained with Jay. He worked with us every step of the way and each week we saw huge improvements in Macey’s behavior and obedience. He uses positive reinforcement and we could tell Macey loved going to training each week. He was very patient and kind and overall it was a great training experience. We highly recommend him!!Absolutely worth it! Thanks Jay!!
Raquel VicariRaquel Vicari
13:08 25 Jun 23
Jay is phenomenal! I have a 4 year-old Beagle who has anxiety. He started to "act out" and he wasn't being so nice to our other Beagle who was a new member of the family. I was referred to Top Dog Training by my vet to get some help with impulse control for Snickers. During my first conversation with Jay, he provided me with tips on how to help minimize Snickers' anxiety. I followed his recommendations and saw improvement within a few days. It only got better once Jay started to work one-on-one with Snickers. Jay really understood Snickers and he was able to keep him focused and calm while working with him. We are a few weeks after completing training and I continue to work with Snickers using the tools Jay provided me with. I am happy to report that there is much improvement. Snickers is calmer, even his separation anxiety has gotten better. He now thinks before he acts and listens to us when we give him a command. Thank you, Jay, for your help with Snickers and Bouncer, we all appreciate you for everything.
Vedanti GosineVedanti Gosine
01:33 16 Jun 23
Jay is absolutely amazing! He changed me and my puppy’s life completely with so many tools and techniques that he provided us. I was able to build a stronger bond and improve my puppy’s obedience. She learned stay, settle, leave it, stop, heeling and recall in only 3 sessions! Jay is such an honest, positive person and treated my dog with love and respect. I’m so happy that I was able to find Jay through Top Dog Training because I cannot imagine anyone better or more suitable for our needs.
Lori BetzLori Betz
21:04 14 Jun 23
I have a 2 year old German Shepherd. I was having trouble with him barking at other dogs and leash pulling. I called Jay from Top Dog Training and I saw a transformation in just a few sessions. He told me about some cues to say and it really helped.I will recommend Jay to anyone who is having a problem with their dog. He is very calm and loves working with dogs.
Sheryl BerkowitzSheryl Berkowitz
02:10 05 Jun 23
Jay was kind and patient with our little guy. Our pup is extremely nervous. He doesn't let anyone pet him and gets rather nervous when people approach. Jay helped us work on his confidence which was a game changer. Also, Jay has the best treat and toy recommendations to keep your pup busy, which we really appreciated. Jay worked at ourpups speed not our speed. He taught use slow and steady wins the race. We really appreciate everything he did for our pup, he's a different dog!
02:09 19 May 23
Wonderful experience with Jay... warm, thoroughly knowledgeable and knows his business inside out. Our puppy Pluto is on the hyper side and with Jay's expert help we were able to learn the basics of how to care for and train him. There's a world of difference now after just a few sessions with Jay. It's important not just to train the animal but also the parents to avoid falling into common pitfalls. Jay is an excellent teacher and we are very satisfied. Highly recommend....
the hair hustlerthe hair hustler
23:26 05 May 23
I searched high and low for a trainer for our golden retriever puppy , as we have a new baby on the way . After searching for quite some time we decided to hire l Jay at top dog training & we could not be happier ! He is professional , puctual and it is extremely apparent how much he cares about giving your family and you the best experience. We are beyond happy with the results from training & would recommend Jay 100% !
Cristina RieppiCristina Rieppi
18:59 16 Apr 23
Jay is an amazing trainer who helped tremendously with our 2 dogs. I really appreciate the straightforward commands and instruction he provided, all through patience, positive adjustments, and continuous reenforcement. It's also remarkable how quickly my dogs became comfortable with and responsive to Jay. I highly recommend Jay.
Susan SmithSusan Smith
21:29 10 Feb 23
Jay is a great trainer. My puppy, Bella absolutely loved him. She learned so much in such a positive way. Jay used positive reinforcement methods that got my puppy to respond and learn. Jay taught my family the methods and showed us how to practice in between sessions. I would definitely recommend Top Dog Training!
Tom SinghTom Singh
03:23 06 Feb 23
Jay is an awesome trainer! He was very patient with Obi, my 6-month old puppy. As a first time dog owner, Jay provided me with a simplified approach on how to communicate with my puppy using commands. Obi’s puppy behavior has been improving noticeably ever since Jay arrived. I am very thankful.
Daniel SepsyDaniel Sepsy
01:20 31 Jan 23
Jay and Top Dog Training has definitely made our lives easier! When our 4 month old puppy started to win the battle of willpower with us and pushed us to our limits, we called in Jay for the professional help we needed and immediately started to see some improvement even after the first session. His patience and style of positive reinforcement training was conducive to engaging with our energetic and somewhat stubborn pup. My puppy and I looked forward to the sessions and appreciated Jay’s knowledge, support and demeanor. Certainly would recommend him to others and only wish we had started sooner!
Anthony ValdezAnthony Valdez
01:43 29 Dec 22
I worked with Jay to train my 1 year old dog, Mia, and he was fantastic. He was patient (both with Mia and with me), prompt, and attentive every session we had and was always ready with an answer for every question I have. Mia has shown tremendous growth in the time I've worked with him and I cannot recommend him enough to those looking for a compassionate and capable trainer.
Talia CohenTalia Cohen
12:58 11 Aug 22
We had an excellent experience with Jay! He was very professional and developed an excellent rapport with our puppy. He helped us understand each component of the particular things we were training Beans on, and generally improved our little guy’s obedience and on-leash behavior. Jay also has a presence that immediately got our pup to pay attention, focus and relax. Would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to train their dog! 5 stars!
sabrina callowaysabrina calloway
23:43 25 Apr 22
Imagine you are a first time dog owner and decide to get not one but two puppies within months of each other. Trying to figure out personalities, attitudes, likes and dislikes all while trying to get them to obey quickly became frustrating and felt like it was going to be impossible to keep them both. Then we got smart and hired Jay!!! Luna and Hazel’s behaviors quickly modified thanks to Jay and his special touch. He is extremely knowledgeable and patient. Any questions that I had he was able to answer and provided examples in case I didn’t fully get something. He provided crate training tips and feeding tips when we had a little food bully between the two.Before deciding on a trainer I did my research and the reviews were amazing. I recall a review that said “Jay is the dog whisperer” and how amazing the owner and dog were doing after being trained by Jay. I am here to testify that everything I have read is the truth and then some. I am so satisfied and even more grateful that his assistance and knowledge will be accessible even though our sessions are done. If you want to get your fur babies in order by someone who has an obvious love for dogs and is pleasant, knowledgeable and all around amazing, then Jay is your man. Thanks again and if we get crazy and add another baby to our bunch we will be calling you right back.
Sheila CSheila C
16:46 24 Mar 22
Sam was adopted and returned to the shelter twice within two days, due to behavioral issues. We had second thoughts as well after bringing Sam home. I sent a list of goals to Jay, pleading for help. Two months later, all goals have been met. We enjoy each other and live in harmony. Sam's sweet nature, intelligence, energy, and strength now outshine his naughtiness. He no longer destroys everything in sight, mouth, or jump on us. He comes when called, heels, leaves garbage on walks, plays well with dogs, greets people politely, stays off the counter, stops barking on command, goes in his crate, and stays calm at the vet. THANK YOU JAY for teaching us positive reinforcement training, patience and consistency.
Saiham ShahabuddinSaiham Shahabuddin
21:26 13 Jan 22
Jay is amazing with both of my dogs. One of them is almost always afraid of males but within an hour or so my pup was very comfortable with him. I like his training style the dogs always have a lot of fun and both have improved a lot. Hell also work with you and tailor the training if you need improvements in a particular area. On top of him being a great trainer he’s courteous, professional, always on time and flexible in scheduling. I highly recommend him!
Adrienne GrinderAdrienne Grinder
13:44 02 Jan 22
Jay was extremely calm and patient with Winnie. He truly has a gift as only his presence would calm her down and allow her to listen better. Jay helped us train our 3 month old corgi puppy into learning some great basic commands, as well as leave it, speak, quiet, place and more! Both I and my boyfriend thank Jay very much and appreciate his time in helping us train our pup. Would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an in house dog trainer.

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