Stopping Your Dog From Peeing In The House

One of the many things a dog owner will face is potty training their new puppy. While potty training mostly happens at the early puppyhood stages, dogs of all ages can suffer from urinating in the house due to different circumstances. With puppies, the reason for urinating in the house is due to their lack […]

How To Address & Prevent Resource Guarding

This blog provides step by step instructions on how to prevent, reduce or eliminate resource guarding in dogs.  Dogs resource guard many different things – it could be his food bowl, a toy, treats, space, a person or even furniture.  You should know the early warning signs of guarding and how they normally escalate; stiffness, […]

How To Respond to A Whining Dog

Dogs whine for a reason.  It could be they are in pain, they’re stressed, bored, needs something, is excited, or wants your attention.  That’s a lot of reasons and calls for an astute owner to figure out how to address the whining.  Obviously, you aren’t going to treat pain whining the same way you would […]

Thank You for Your Submission!

Thank You for Your Submission!