Dog Training

Think about what it would be like if your dog listened to you all the time. Imagine being able to go to every spot you want to share with your dog. Would you like to bring your best friend on a hot summer night?  Or then again maybe go on a lovely stroll with your fluffy pal following right close by on a free leash. Picture your arms and hands not being SORE after that walk. Imagine your dog coming simply to you when you essentially say their name. Imagine not being ashamed or embarrassed about your dog when companions, family, or new people come into your life. Picture having an attentive, respectful, trustworthy, loyal companion who frantically needs to make you happy. You can have that! Your dog can BE that! We promise it!

Training your pet to be more obedient is just about as simple as calling Top Dog Training at Great Neck New York. Our philosophy is teaching the dogs themselves while educating the owners. It begins with learning core basics. You learn “The Way Of The Dog”, the way of nature and your dog learns what satisfies you, which is a good dose of manners and respect and certainly, their happiness. Genuine communication and understanding are valid empowerment and equals a truly happy, balanced relationship between dog and owner. These core beliefs and practices have made us one of the best dog trainers in New York.


Obedience Dog Training for ALL dogs! 


As an expert and balanced in dog training, Top Dog Training uses the demonstrated, science procedures of positive reinforcement and our innovative strategies, we have proven that our dog training works time and time again. Making a great dog is a test; takes time and commitment.

If you are looking for a dog trainer that can get more accomplished in one meeting than most trainers, this is the reliable dog training organization you are looking for.
Good habits and complete obedience and leash training were taught.Commands taught; sit, stay, down, come, crawl, go to your spot, wait at the door, come and stay, the heel on leash, finish on a leash, touch an object, direct eye contact, and more.  This is a very comprehensive course and your support is needed through practicing with your dog what we have taught you. We create a leadership connection between you and your dog. We come to you and we use no harsh methods.
Have a well-behaved and happy dog.

Thank You for Your Submission!

Thank You for Your Submission!