Puppy Training

Why Puppy Training is so Important

Bringing a new puppy home is full of excitement and responsibility. Puppy training affords your puppy a life that is comfortable, safe, and above all, happy. Also, is the most ideal approach to dispose of that new puppyhood that overwhelms the fastest! A well-trained puppy has the opportunity to be next to you in a variety of situations and activities. They additionally have the certainty and social abilities to interface with others and dogs securely.

Each puppy owner longs for that respectful pup, yet actually, it takes puppy training, consistent practice, and patience before a puppy can grow up to be that way! Numerous puppy owners become discouraged from the beginning and some never enroll their puppy in professional puppy training, to begin with. The result, unfortunately in some cases, ends up the same where pups grow up with unchecked behavior issues. Developing into a grown-up dog without the shot at puppy training leaves many of these puppies in danger of finding themselves to be re-homed or in a shelter.

We’ve learned that the biggest issues that puppy owners face are the lack of access to support, having structured learning plans, and proper guidance to apply those puppy training skills. As advocates for early puppy training, we instruct and support all our puppy owners through the hardest periods of puppyhood in Great Neck New York.

In this way, if you got back a new puppy and aren’t sure if puppy training is the right investment, we’re here to tell you it is! An interest in your long-term happiness together and for their well-being!

Builds Communication and Trust

Puppy training assists you with setting up a line of communication between you and your puppy since it gives you the tools to ask your puppy to perform the desired behavior and show your puppy how to effectively react. Adding puppy training into your puppy’s daily schedule affords you a bonding experience like no other. During puppy training sessions your pup learns to look to you as their leader and trusts and respects your guidance.

Unmanaged behaviors, similar to leash pulling for instance that are left without proper guidance inevitably continue and become worse. An untrained grown-up dog can show behavior issues just because they were never shown that strolling next to you in a heel position was the best thing to do. Puppies don’t instinctively get what we need from them or how to live in our world but they can learn how to and, given the right structure, can thrive!

Shows Your Puppy Fundamental abilities

One of the most important stages for any puppy is potty-training. The problem some new puppy owners have is that they don’t realize, their new puppy doesn’t exactly understand where they can go “potty”! Also, how frequently they need to go “potty” and be shown their assigned “potty” region.

Potty-training is an essential life skill, however, it’s not the only one that puppy training provides pups. Furthermore, crate training encourages your puppy to feel certain being left alone and assists with accelerating the “potty” training process. Puppy training gives a degree of structure in the form of daily schedules and limits to assist your puppy with learning to understand their place in your life and what’s expected of them.

Keeps Your Puppy Safe

Nothing is more important than your pup’s wellbeing and as their owner, it’s your main responsibility! Puppy training provides you with the ability to communicate with your puppy. They are particularly important with regards to giving your puppy a command in various environments and situations.

Knowing basic obedience commands, particularly coming in outdoor off-leash situations can protect your pup from encounters with other dogs and wildlife. Nothing is scarier than the second your leash gets out of your hand and your puppy goes running toward a bustling road! Fortunately, if you trained your puppy to have a solid recall from a distance, the second you say “come”, they’ll be headed right back to you away from danger!

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