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Weddings are a celebration of love, unity, and the start of a new life together. As you plan your special day, including

It’s embarrassing.  You are walking your puppy when you stumble upon a stranger, or even worse, another dog.  All your training goes

Understanding the Social Structure of Dogs Dogs’ social systems resemble those of humans. They live in extended family groups, provide prolonged parental

FRAP – Frenetic Random Activity Periods – that’s what the “zoomies” official name is. Almost every puppy gets them. First of all,

Introduction While “training” is in the word “potty training”, dog trainers usually do not promote this minor part of dog training. Rather,

Are you struggling to train your furry friend? Private dog training classes could be the solution you’ve been looking for. In this

taming a hyper, overly energetic puppy You have seen them, puppies and even adolescent dogs with energy to burn.  Nothing seems to

breaking the obsession: Teaching your dog healthy toy habits Having a playful and enthusiastic pup is a joy, but when that enthusiasm

How to choose the right dog trainer When you are searching the web for “dog trainer near me”, what qualities are your

Just like us, dogs can suffer from boredom every now and then, but unlike people who are usually preoccupied with school or

One of the many things a dog owner will face is potty training their new puppy. While potty training mostly happens at

This blog provides step by step instructions on how to prevent, reduce or eliminate resource guarding in dogs.  Dogs resource guard many

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Thank You for Your Submission!