Top Dog Insights

how to stop your dog from chasing squirrels Your dog walks beautifully on leash, right next to your side.  It’s a thing

how to help cats and dogs to get along Whether you have just adopted a cat or a dog or currently have

How to teach your dog to ring the bell to go out It sounds like a great idea – get your dog

Curtailing fear aggression in dogs What is the cause of most aggressive behaviors?  Fear is the answer.  Most dogs are not aggressive

My Dog Barks At Everyone!

my dog barks at everyone ! As you are aware, dogs bark for many reasons.  This blog addresses how to manage dogs

Introducing your new puppy to your older dog You went and did it!  You got another dog, this time, a puppy.  This

shy and fearful dogs Shy dogs can be shy due to genetics or through the lack of socialization.  Usually, it’s the latter

anxious and fearful dogs – stranger in the home Unfortunately there are some dogs that are afraid of when the wind blows

what to do when your dog refuses to walk There are many reasons that your dog may refuse to walk any further. 

How To Address Resource Guarding Between Dogs – Possessive Aggression Resource guarding is not uncommon among dogs, and the severity ranges from

how to address dog nipping and biting Dogs use their mouths in many ways.  Sometimes it’s love bites, other times it’s out

teaching speak! and Quiet! to your dog Some dog trainers believe you can teach “quiet” without teaching “speak”.  I agree but I

Thank You for Your Submission!

Thank You for Your Submission!