Top Dog Insights

anxious and fearful dogs – stranger in the home Unfortunately there are some dogs that are afraid of when the wind blows

what to do when your dog refuses to walk There are many reasons that your dog may refuse to walk any further. 

How To Address Resource Guarding Between Dogs – Possessive Aggression Resource guarding is not uncommon among dogs, and the severity ranges from

how to address dog nipping and biting Dogs use their mouths in many ways.  Sometimes it’s love bites, other times it’s out

teaching speak! and Quiet! to your dog Some dog trainers believe you can teach “quiet” without teaching “speak”.  I agree but I

new puppy preparation You put a deposit on your puppy and are awaiting the time that she’s done bonding with her mommy

how to make your dog a service dog – canine good citizen Believe it or not, there is no license or permit

remedies for dog anxiety Dog anxiety is a real emotion experienced by dogs of all ages and breeds, some more than others. 

How to stop your dog’s territorial barking There are a lot of collars out there.  Which one is right for your dog? 

how to get your dog to stop JUMPING It’s annoying.  Your dog jumps on you when you arrive home and jumps on

how to Stop Your Dog From Fence Running & Barking This is a tough one.  Your dog has probably been conducting this

how to reduce dog reactivity on leash Helping a dog to be less reactive to other dogs on leash is a tough

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Thank You for Your Submission!