Dog Training

Top Dog Training’s private in-home dog training programs will show you how to “speak” to your dog in a way she understands.  By showing you, the owner, how to “speak dog”, you will have the skills required to instruct your pup to do almost anything.  You will learn to manage your dog’s behavior in a humane, positive-reinforcing way toward becoming the pack leader, as we provide you with the understanding and skills needed to shape a well-behaved dog.

Any dog can become a well-adjusted, well-behaved, happy canine with the right training. Whether your dog just needs basic training or some type of behavioral adjustment, you have come to the right place!

Obedience is defined as “compliance with an order, request, or submission to another’s authority”.  Dog obedience is very similar, as we develop commands that, by use of a clicker, we communicate our wants/needs to your pup.  A clicker is a simple mechanical device that, when clicked, let’s your pup know exactly when he did the right behavior.  For instance, when you tell your dog to sit, you would “click” the instant his butt touched the floor.  That click sends your pup the message affirming exactly when he did what you wanted him to do.  All dogs aim to please, so Fido will soon become obedient through repetition that “butt on floor” equals “click” equals “pleasing his mom/dad” equals “treat!”.  In no time, via use of the clicker, Fido will have all of his commands own pat.

A quick note about the clicker:  Top Dog Training does not use a physical clicker.  Rather, we use our voice to say the word “yes!” when your pup performs the right behavior.  It’s just as effective as the clicker as long as your “yes!” is the same tone and volume, just like a clicker sound is always consistent.

The Assessment

While we don’t do in-home assessments, we do an intensive question and answer session with you via zoom or phone to better understand your pup.  We will propose that certain adjustments be made to your environment in order to smoothen the learning process for your dog. No matter what breed, age, or issue, Top Dog Training’s natural, dog-friendly methods are proven effective through kindness and positive reinforcement.

The Dog Owner's Responsibility

Top Dog Training’s teaching method empowers you with the comprehension needed to be your dog’s pack leader.  Once you properly assume the role of pack leader (via the positive method NOT dominance), most other issues organically fall into place.  It is imperative that the role of pack leader is established to make the rest of the training effective.  Like wolves, dogs depend on a social structure to feel secure in a pack. To create harmony in the household, this hierarchy must be established at the beginning.  Pack leadership is not hard to accomplish, but the proper mindset and consistency of techniques must be achieved.  We will show you how.

Our Training Is Simple, Natural, and Effective

Once the role of pack leader is established, you only need to follow the techniques taught by Top Dog Training to not only strengthen the bond between you and your dog, but to lead him/her toward achieving your training goals.  

Our simple and natural approach to dog training focuses on developing a positive relationship between dog and owner.  The result is an eternal emotional bond based on trust and respect. Mimicking the instinctual pack mentality, we are able to communicate perfectly with your dog via voice and body language.  In little time (versus weeks or months by other methods), the Top Dog Training approach will help you establish mastery of your dog’s behaviors without the need for any punishment, and eventually without treats as well.  We are confident that you will see dramatic improvements in your dog’s behavior even after the first session.  

Our Training Services

Our most popular in-home, private dog training programs are basic training where we teach basic dog obedience and puppy training/management. We do this all in the comfort of your home or yard, where you and your dog are most comfortable, and will learn the quickest and most effectively. 

Here is a preview of our basic in-home private training:

Here at Top Dog Training, we understand all the dog behavioral problems our clients face.  We understand the emotional toll it takes, both on owner and dog.  We promise you that your dog is not intentionally trying to make things difficult.  All dogs want to be productive, and they need to feel like they are fulfilling a role.  With impulse control techniques along with teaching dogs to correctly process your cues, your dog will be able to alter and manage his/her behaviors.

​Using the positive training method along with our tricks of the trade, we can resolve the most challenging dog behavior issues and address obedience and nuisance issues, such as:

Top Dog Training offers our Platinum service customers a life of dog support guarantee, which gives you the knowledge that you have a training partner for your dog’s life.   It’s truly a great peace of mind.  Please inquire.

Thank You for Your Submission!

Thank You for Your Submission!