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Puppy Training in Queens & Nassau County, NY

Ah, puppies.  You have to love them and you have to clean up after them!

The transition for the new family member is far from smooth.  The cuddling, playing and family walks are offset by the biting, gnawing and willy nilly peeing and pooping.  Many puppy owners think that their dog is not trainable at such an early age, but the fact is, they are.  It’s just a different kind of training, and a whole lot of patience.  At Top Dog Training, our in-home, private puppy training classes start early to get your pup on the right track by teaching him good habits and avoiding the bad ones.  Equally important, the entire family needs to be on the same page with regard to the steps in training your pup.

The Importance of Socializing

To puppies, all aspects of our human lifestyles are foreign.  Therefore, it is crucial to the proper development of puppies that they be exposed to new situations as well as environments.  It is very crucial that this happen from the third to sixth month of their lives, and of course through the remainder.  Stress is a key factor in why dogs misbehave and socializing them early on will dramatically cut down on this.  Proper socialization will help your pup live a well-adjusted, happier life.

Great ways to socialize your puppy are:

  • Petting and interaction among adults and children

  • Car rides that are fun and don’t end up at the groomer or a vet

  • Touching all parts of their body and rewarding them for doing so

  • Socialization classes with other dogs and puppies

  • Visits to parks,  and dog-friendly stores and restaurants

  • Noisy outdoor locations such as events or just walking in a city environment

Crate Training

We believe crate training is an essential piece of responsible puppy ownership.  A free-roaming pup can get into a lot of dangerous situations – just think of all the electrical wires you have in your house.  There are many other reasons to crate train.  Here are some, to name a few:

  • Housebreaking – normally, puppies won’t poop or pee where they eat and sleep.  Also, if you let your pup sleep in your bed, they most likely will mark their spot with an “accident”

  • Injuries – just like taking care of a toddler, we don’t want our pup falling down stairs or off a table

  • Running away – puppies are notorious for slipping away to explore new places

  • Over-stimulation – puppies that are over-stimulated tend to nip more.  Also, they need their beauty sleep so they can grow and learn better

  • Separation anxiety – puppies and dogs need to develop some independence, and a crate is a great way for them to amuse themselves


At Top Dog Training, our private in-home puppy training services will teach you how to properly crate-train your pup.  We’ll show you how to respond to crying and barking, and teach you how to resolve common crate-related issues.  We will review the proper teething toys, food puzzles, and best types of crates.   We will go over bedding, diet, and tricks of the trade.  Above all, we will help you teach the puppy that great things happen in a crate.


Housebreaking is, by far, the most difficult part of training.  It is a full-time job.  At Top Dog Training, we will teach you how to do it the right way, so this stretch of time will be shortened.  When should a puppy eat and drink?  When should they be crated?  When should they be taken out to do their business?  We will review all of the above and more, resulting in you becoming a successful puppy owner.

The Steps

Top Dog Training’s in-home private puppy training program has a proven method of teaching puppies:

Clearly, some of these steps overlap, such as socialization and housebreaking, but you get the picture.  Every one of these boxes, when checked off, will result in a well-adapted, well-behaved, and happy dog.

The friendly team at Top Dog Training is excited to help you give your new puppy the best life possible. We are excited to get to know your newest addition to the family in Nassau County, NY, and the surrounding areas. With our puppy training service that is offered in a one-on-one setting, we can help you establish good and healthy behaviors for your puppy that will help them become potty trained and well-behaved.

Our puppy obedience training service can help your puppy learn how to obey you, and be closer to you in the process. We take pride in our services and feel confident that you will be thrilled with the lasting results that our services can provide.

Give Your Puppy the Best Life

We can happily personalize your puppy obedience training sessions to meet your needs. We understand that taking the time to train your puppy can feel a little overwhelming at times. Let us put your mind at ease with our helpful services. And with our affordable prices, you won’t need to overextend your budget to receive the obedience training sessions that you and your puppy deserve.

To learn more about our helpful services in Nassau County and Queens, NY, connect with our friendly team today through our helpful contact page.

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