This video is short but there was lots of training behind it. First, to teach drop it, you need two identical squeaky toys. Throw one toy and when your dog picks it up, squeak the other toy and say "drop it" at the same time. When your dog drops the toy in place for the squeaky one in your hand, throw it and go pick up the dropped toy. Rinse and repeat.

This is one step up from the sit with implied stay. An open door is tempting to a dog. First start with a sit with the door closed. Then sit with you touching the door handle. Then sit with you opening the door ever so slightly. Then finally with the door open all the way. If he breaks command a couple of times, back up and start fresh, then keep going.

As with all training, start inside with no distractions. Start with walking a few steps and say "yes!" when your dog walks alongside you and treat. Do it for longer periods of time inside until he has it down. Then take it outside in the backyard and then finally to the front sidewalk. If he pulls, say "with me" and walk in the opposite direction. Do this as many times as needed until he is walking with you on a loose leash.

This video shows a successful "place" command. To begin, lure your dog with a treat onto a "place" you would like him to stay when you say the command "place" (like a bed or towel or mat). When he gets all four paws on the "place", say "yes!" and treat. Do this consistently and eventually you will be able to do this in the video.

At first, put a treat in your hand and let the dog see it. Then close your hand and wait for your dog to try and get it. Say "leave it" and when he turns his attention away from your closed hand, say "yes!" and give him a treat from the other hand. Rinse and repeat many times. Eventually you will be able to tell him "leave it" even with a bag of sweet-smelling chicken on the floor like this video.

As with all training, you should start inside where there are no distractions. At first, you start with a lure (treat) in front of the dog's nose and walk a couple of steps. The dog will follow along. After he gets the idea, take more steps and say the word "heel". Eventually you will be able to do a successful heel outside where there are distractions.

When practicing use a long lead line (30 feet). Start close and work your way back. Eventually you will be able to successfully recall your dog outside with distractions.

We are outside where distractions happen. Touch is a command similar to come except the dog must come and touch his nose to your hand. It's a great secondary recall to come.

This video demonstrates a successful sit with implied stay. The command "stay" is not needed as the dog learns that he should sit until freed.

Puppy ping pong is a game in which two people stand about 15 feet from each other and take turns recalling the dog/puppy. Person 1 will say come and when the puppy arrives praise her, give her a treat, and touch her collar for 1 second, and then have the other person say come. The reason you touch her collar is because in a real life situation, you want to be able to call your dog from wherever they are, and be able to reach down and grab her collar before she runs off. If she is used to being touched around the collar when recalled, you have a better chance of grabbing her collar in real life. The game of puppy ping pong should be enjoyable for your dog.

Thank You for Your Submission!

Thank You for Your Submission!