Why do dogs eat poop?

The first thing you will want to do is have the Vet check your dog out for medical reasons.   It could be enzyme deficiency, endocrine pancreatic deficiency (undigested food coming out in poop), malabsorption, or parasites.  It could even be a lack of quality food.  If your dog is experiencing weight loss, there is a good chance parasites are the cause.  The problem may just be under-feeding, but if it’s medical, your Vet will root out the cause.


It could also be an environmental issue:

  • Boredom

  • Old behavior – mother’s often eat the poop of her youngsters to keep her den clean – if your pup picked up on that action, he/she may be mimicking her behavior

  • Anxiety or fear – dogs often eat poop to calm themselves, or to hide the evidence if they fear being punished/scolded for pooping in the wrong place

  • Attention – if even you’re upset, attention is still attention

How to stop dog from eating poop?

Have a vet confirm there are no medical issues.  It may be that the dog needs a multivitamin, Vitamin B deficiency in particular.  The vet may tell you to use enzyme supplementation.  Meat tenderizer can be used in this case.


If the reason your dog eats poop is environmental, there are several taste-aversion products out there that will act as a poop-eating deterrent.  You can search them out on Amazon or pet stores.  If it is a lack of quality food, buy a higher-protein, higher quality food.  However, the best way to limit the problem is through training and environmental management methods such as keeping the area clean at all times, keep the litter box (if any) out of reach, close supervision in the house and on walks for a period of time, and training (“leave it” and “come”).  After your dog poops, have your dog leave it and come to you for a treat.   This will develop a habit of eating good treats instead of the foul ones on the ground or wee-wee pad.  Good luck!

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