Dog Walker Near Me

We Offer Premium Dog Walker Services in Great Neck New York 


Away at work? Going on vacation? Top Dog Training provides dog walking services for any size/breed dog. Our dog walkers incorporate expansive amounts of affection, exercises, and socialization into each walk. Our service gives you a secure, loving, and reliable dog walker who will completely maximize your dog’s general health and wellbeing. Our service will start with a meet and greet with the pet owner and dog. The dog walker will then collect information and examine your pet’s specific needs.


Top Dog Training will take your dog on their private potty-break or Dog Walk because customized attention is what we do best! Each walk happens in your neighborhood (or yard!) where they feel generally great. Dog Walks with us are customized to your dog’s energy level and exercise needs and incorporate play and snuggle time, poop pick-up, water and food bowl refresh (depending on the situation).


Exercises, such as, a walk or a run, that gives your dog exercise can remarkably help your dog’s psychological and actual wellbeing. Walking permits your dog to remain fit, prevents future medical problems, and strengthens bones and muscles. Exploring a new environment during walks promotes interest and increases mental sharpness. Walking likewise improves your dog’s relationship with different people, which permits them to associate with different dogs and practice proper behavior or training.


With all of the advantages that a walk gives, most dogs ought to be strolled somewhere around an hour daily. Consuming energy makes dogs easier to manage, more engaged during training, and prevents hyperactivity and weariness. If work, get-away, or other life commitments make it hard to do this with your furry friend, this is the time where a dog walker near you comes in!

Thank You for Your Submission!

Thank You for Your Submission!