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Considering a Puppy or New Pet?


Knowing what you are looking for in your new family before you take one home increases your chance of improvement and a “good fit”. Our knowledge and experience can direct you to your most ideal decision, and therefore your best chance of success. When choosing the right pet for your family it is basic to think about your family and way of life. Your environment at home and out in reality should be considered while choosing your next family member. Does your exercise routine incorporate outside activity daily (walking, jogging and hiking)? Would a kitten or cat be a better choice, or potentially another pet? Do you and your family travel for work or vacation? Would your pet be able to go with you, or would there be someone home to care for them? Are there small kids at home, or will there be soon? Would your present pets be comfortable having another animal join their “pack”? Grooming and veterinary care should likewise be considered while choosing your new family member.


Considering a Puppy


The main question you need to ask yourself in case you are thinking about adopting a puppy is: 

  • Am I able to give all the effort needed to train a puppy? 
  • The following question is: Am I going to be able to potty/house train my new puppy?
  • General training of basic obedience behaviors can begin the first day your puppy comes home. Indeed, your 8-week old dog would already be able to figure out how to respond to you and his/her name. Proper puppy training tools are important for your puppy to effectively learn proper behavior. Fearful training tools and methods make for fearful puppies and dogs.


Puppy Services we offer: 

  • Basic Evaluation – Assist you with choosing Your New Puppy: Choosing a puppy from a litter or shelter can be overwhelming. 
  • How would I know which puppy is probably going to be the best for me or my family? 
  • Considering your lifestyle, and experience in dogs or potentially puppies with us will assist us with picking the best choice for you. 


Pre Adoption Consulting:

  • Puppy Proofing Your Home 
  • Shopping for your new puppy’s expected needs.
  • Potty-training can make or break your new relationship with your new pup. Our potty training plan lays out the success for you and your dog. 


Socialization – People and Dogs: 


Socializing your puppy with people, dogs, and other animals is extremely important for your pup. Many dogs that end up in the haven or rescue do as such on the grounds that they were not properly associated during the critical young period in their lives. Socialization incorporates dog-to-dog play and cooperation and knowing what is suitable and not fitting dog behavior, and desensitization of new sights and sounds.


Confidence Building: Confident dogs learn positive practices and associate well with others. Fear and fear aggression is caused by dogs lacking confidence. 


Introductions – New Pets as well as Persons to Your Home: If you have another dog, pet, or a new individual to present, we will ensure that goes as flawlessly as could be expected and give you a plan to ensure your best chance of success for these relationships. Introducing your puppy to find the way to escape your pool gives them the confidence, should they fall in unexpectedly, to be calm and swim to safety.


Behavior Modification for unwanted behaviors they may already have learned before their arrival. The sooner you address undesirable behavior, the simpler it will be to correct the behavior. Mouthing and nipping are not suitable to play skills, and pups need to learn that we are not their littermates and what are proper ways to be noticed.


Beginning Obedience & Continued Education:  Starting your Beginning Obedience Class as soon as possible will strengthen your connection. Allow us to assist you to communicate with your puppy before you become frustrated. We have continuing classes to build confidence. The more you do together, the stronger the bond. It is always good to continue training. Training assists your dog with remembering you have shown them, and it’s enjoyable to learn new tricks/behaviors.


Our goal is to promote human and dog bonding, confidence building, and better communication between you and your dog. Everybody needs an asset for those times when you experience unwanted behavior and don’t have the idea how to address it, or need some clarification. We will guide you through the most common way of bringing them into your family and home and continue with training.


We have a variety of training options for all types of dogs and their owners. From basic dog obedience training to advanced training, we can handle even the most difficult of situations! Contact Top Dog Training, Great Neck New York today to set up a free training evaluation near you! We Care For Your Dogs Like They Are One Of Our Own!

Thank You for Your Submission!

Thank You for Your Submission!