How to cut out your puppy's nipping

Canines invest a lot of energy playing, biting and inspecting objects. They likewise appreciate playing with individuals. Puppies bite on our fingers and toes, and they inspect individuals’ bodies with their mouths and teeth. This sort of conduct might appear to be charming when your canine is seven weeks old, however it’s not really charming when he’s a few years of age—and a lot greater!


Assist your canine with doing the right behavior. There are different approaches to show this exercise, some better than others. A definitive objective is to prepare your canine to quit mouthing and gnawing individuals Notwithstanding, the first and most significant goal is to instruct him that individuals have extremely delicate skin, so he should be exceptionally delicate when utilizing his mouth during play.


Bite Inhibition: Teach Your Dog to Be Gentle


When a puppy is young and still with her mother and litter-mates, bite inhibition is usually learned as part of her upbringing.    If the puppy bites to hard on the mother, she will correct her with a purposeful tug on the scruff of the puppy and maybe a growl to go with it.  If the puppy bites too hard on a litter-mate, that litter-mate will yelp or yipe, and in response, the puppy will cease biting, at least for a moment.  Humans can emulate that behavior by yelping as well, except at the moment the puppy removes her teeth, you mark it by saying “yes!” and reward her for good behavior.  Praise your pup for stopping as well.  If your pup bites you hard again, repeat the yelp, say “yes!” when the teeth are removed and treat and praise again.  You can do this a couple more times per 15-minute period, but no more than that.


If the yelping doesn’t work, you can try a time-out.  This involves a sit-stay or a down-stay, preferably by using a leash to direct her to a time-out spot.  Always mark a good behavior with a “yes!” and treat.  For instance, if she stays for a few seconds (the first few times), mark it.  Repetition of this technique will probably ensue, but sooner or later she’ll figure out that biting yields no rewards and not biting does.


Other options are to divert her attention away from biting your hands or feet by introducing a play toy, perhaps one that is filled with peanut butter or pumpkin.  You can set up play dates so your pup will get some of her energy out and perhaps learn what not to do from her own kind.


The last resort is to make a concoction of water and lemon juice and spray it on the areas of your body that your pup bites.  Some people use bitter apple spray, but I have found that in more than one instance, the puppy actually enjoys it. Lemon, not so much.  You can also yelp when she bites you and at the same time spray her mouth.  However, I would only try this a few times – which usually works.

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