Solving Your Dog’s Boredom

Just like us, dogs can suffer from boredom every now and then, but unlike people who are usually preoccupied with school or work, dogs don’t have many responsibilities to keep them preoccupied. Dogs are social animals and always require attention constantly to keep them satisfied. Depending on the breed, some dogs may require more attention and play time than others.

            In order to help solve your dog’s boredom issue, it’s best to know the signs of their boredom before it can lead them to trouble. If your dog is constantly barking outside or especially in the house, that can be a clear sign that they have a lot of pent-up energy that needs to be dispelled. Notice if your dog ever starts chewing on furniture, pillows, shoes or any other household item. Chewing on things gives them something to do to pass the time; and if they’re bored, they’ll start to chew on anything, especially if they’re a puppy. If you have a puppy in the house, remove all electrical wires and appliances out of their reach.

            Another sign of boredom, which happens often, is when your dog starts to whine and jump on you. They’re seeking attention as they have nothing to preoccupy them and usually want affection or want to play. Making sure they are entertained is just as important as walking or feeding your dog, because if their boredom is left unchecked it could lead to more issues like separation anxiety or social anxiety.

            There are many things you can do to entertain your dog and prevent them from chewing up the house out of boredom. The classic method of throwing a tennis ball in the yard and letting your dog chase it is always a great past time. You want your dog to release as much energy as they can so by the end of the day, they’re nice and tired. Playing tug of war with a rope toy is also a good way for them to play. You can also take some peanut butter and put it in a hollow bone and freeze it, giving this to your dog will preoccupy them for a good time as they’ll be very focused on licking all the frozen peanut butter from the bone. Taking your dog to a dog park is another great way to get them engaged. Socializing with other dogs not only keeps them active, but also helps in their socializing skills. If all those aren’t enough, you can always walk your dog multiple times a day and for longer walks than usual.

            There are many things you can do to cure your dog’s boredom, and at the end of the day your dog will be much happier. You always want to make sure your dog is both physically healthy, as well ass mentally healthy.

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