Board and Train FAQs

Jay Elfman and his team of trained, certified professionals.

Yes, you may visit once per week by appointment. The purpose of Board & Train is to keep your pet focused on training.

NEVER. We only use positive reinforcement.

It’s up to you, if you want additional commands, tricks, or advanced training we can always add more at a discounted rate.

You may visit by appointment to see how we are doing, but your training will commence once we have completed your pup’s training at Dogtopia. We will have you visit for an intensive hour of training at the completion of your dog’s stay. Then we will visit you at your home weekly for 2 weeks to ensure our expertise and training passes to you.

It’s varied, but we are certified and have a minimum of 6 years under our belts – please see our “about us” page for more.

It always is dog-specific as each dog has different behaviors and also may already know some commands. We have to evaluate your pup first in person for a nominal charge before suggesting a specific package.

Feel free to read through our google reviews

Tough question!  Most behaviors can be corrected.  If a dog has inherent fear, it can be mitigated but cannot be completely eliminated.  During our temperament test, we will be able to evaluate your pup and let you know.

You have a choice between a crate or a suite.

We have trained a 15-year-old blind and 13 year-old deaf dog – no dog is ever too old.

At Dogtopia’s facility in Garden City Park.

If you choose the daycare option, your pup can do half or full day free play with breaks for rest (must pass a temperament test).  If you don’t choose the above, your pup will be walked at least twice per day.

We will design a customized dog-specific package, with your input.

The Meet & Greet includes vaccination confirmation, review of history and health, nose to tail assessment, and an evaluation of your pup in our open-play environment with other dogs of different sizes and temperaments.

Thank You for Your Submission!

Thank You for Your Submission!